19. April 2014

lavera TV commercial

Watch the lavera tv commercial as 60 seconds version

World premiere of the first lavera tv spot

As from 19th August, lavera is on air with its first tv spot.

The commercial was shot at the lavera Showfloor fashion event for sustainable fashion during the Berlin Fashion Week in July 2013. lavera Natural Cosmetics has been actively engaged as a main sponsor and strategic partner in the field of eco-fashion for 4.5 years, and is itself now organizer of the lavera Showfloor in Berlin since January 2013. The lavera model, who has been the face of the lavera brand in advertisements as a symbol of femininity and natural beauty since 2010, was filmed live at that eco-fashion event this summer and has become a feature in the first advertising spot for natural cosmetics.

The surprising and creative interpretation of the natural cosmetics theme with a variety of product motifs filmed recently, underlines once more the special position and unique selling feature of lavera’s natural cosmetics brand with its meaning “The True”.

Klara Ahlers, Managing Director of Laverana: „As a fashionable, modern and innovative brand, lavera and its product range shows that pure nature and beauty care do not exclude each other, but quite the opposite they make everything possible, in particular naturally beautiful. Consequently, since 2010 the slogan of the brand has been: “lavera. Natural. Effective. Beautiful” and embodies a green lifestyle that can be seen in our TV spot.”