Gentle cleansing for your skin

Body care products are required to do many things: they should clean the skin thoroughly, yet gently, without drying it out or stressing it too much. Assorted shower gels, shower creams etc. should refresh skin and provide us with a feeling of purity and freshness when showering or washing. lavera Naturkosmetik offers gentle cleansing products, taking into consideration the different characteristics and needs of individual skin types.

Whether lively fruity wellness shower gels, fragrance-neutral wash lotions for especially sensitive skin or rich cream showers for dry skin: there is something for every care need in the lavera world of shower gels! Thanks to mild surfactants based on coconut and sugar, your skin is gently freed of dirt and impurities.

Pure wellness for your skin and senses

The popular lavera body care products offer a unique feeling of well-being under the shower. They provide a stimulating, refreshing or relaxing effect, depending upon the fragrance. Carefully selected natural aromas, organic oils and organic extracts from the company's own production have a direct effect on the senses and simply make you feel happy. Natural, especially mild surfactants cleanse your skin gently.

Rich nourishing thanks to precious organic oils

The lipid-restoring oils of the rich lavera shower creams leave your skin feeling silky tender and provide an extra portion of moisture under the shower. All products are NATRUE-certified and contain organic plant ingredients from our own production.


Pampering Body Wash With Organic Wild Rose
Orange Feeling Revitalising Shower Gel
Refreshing Body Wash With Organic Lime & Organic Verbena
Exotic Body Wash With Organic Coconut & Organic Vanilla
Gentle Body Wash With Organic Almond Milk & Organic Honey
Regenerating Cream Oil Body Wash With Organic Cranberry & Organic Argan Oil
basis sensitiv 2in1 Duschgel für Haut & Haar
Shower Body Milk

Moisturising skin care for every day

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Smoothing Body Scrub
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