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Why you should take care of your skin

Day and night care: The difference

Are you one of those women who has tubes and jars of cream for day and night facial care? Do you ever wonder whether using just one cream would be enough?

It is actually true that our whole body and thus our skin also has its own biorhythm. Thus, the needs of our facial skin during the day and at night are completely different: During the day our skin should be protected from many different environmental influences such as stress, UV rays, dust, temperature fluctuations, make-up and wind. During the night it has time to recover from the stress of the day.

So that our skin looks fresh and glowing, your daytime care should do one thing: In addition to being protective it should also provide enough hydration, revitalize the skin, remove shine and reveal a healthy complexion. During sleep however cell regeneration kicks into high gear and the body can completely focus on regeneration. Thus, the term “beauty sleep” is more accurate than you may think. Circulation to the skin is greater at night, meaning that valuable nutrients can be better absorbed. Skin has time to recover from everyday stress and by using a nourishing night cream it helps you recharge your batteries for the day.

The optimal 24-hour skin care program


Drink water - it is hydrating and rejuvenates the skin.



Take a cold shower: for a fresh radiant complexion

Use a day cream:
a shield from environmental influences

At midday

A light lunch: to prevent sluggish digestion

Since sebum production is in full swing, use powder for a healthy complexion
Also use suncreen if the sun is hot


Cleansing: remove make-up, sebum and dirt

Follow with facial toner open pores and remove residue

1-2x/week, use an exfoliating or nourishing mask

Before bed

About 25 minutes before going to bed, apply eye and night cream.


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Re-Energizing Sleeping Cream

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