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Coloured hair

Why does coloured hair need special care?

Let us take a very close look at hair: It is made up of two layers. The inside of the hair is called the cortex. This is the main component of the hair and is enclosed by a protective cuticle. This like a pine cone, but is transparent, allowing colour pigments in the cortex to shimmer through. To allow new colour pigments to penetrate into the hair, hair dyes use chemicals to open the cuticle. This process destroys or changes the natural hair colour. The new colour pigments anchor into the hair and therefore remain permanently. This process can irritate a sensitive scalp, but the main harm is to the protective cuticle of the hair. While the formulations for hair dyes are usually gentle nowadays, they still attack the entire hair structure. When you use a tint, the colour pigments sit on the outside of the hair and can therefore be washed out.

Tips for long-lasting colour

Straight after you dye or tint your hair, it generally looks wonderful and has a beautiful shine. Unfortunately, the colour pigments soon wash out through the roughened cuticle. To ensure a long-lasting colour result, you should therefore use special care products. Opt for shampoos with mild tensides that gently clean the weakened scalp and damaged hair. To keep your hair looking shiny for longer, use a nourishing conditioner after each wash. 

The nourishing ingredients penetrate the hair, feeding it with moisture and sealing the outer layer. The care products ensure that the colour pigments are locked into the hair and stay there for as long as possible. The use of a deep moisturiser especially developed to meet the needs of coloured hair is recommended for every other wash. 

- Strong UV light or heat from your daily styling routine stress the hair - ideally, avoid straightening your hair and let it dry naturally.

- Cold water closes the outer cuticle layer, so rinse your hair with cold water after washing.

- After you wash your hair, use a wide tooth comb to detangle it while still damp. It is better to use brushes with natural bristles or a wooden comb rather than plastic - they are more gentle.

- Do not wash your hair too often. Massage a little dry shampoo into your hair between washes, or style your hair in a plait.

With organic cranberry & organic avocado

Our defense for coloured hair


Full berry power: The organic cranberry extracts in the new Colour Protection & Care products nurture and protect coloured, tinted or highlighted hair. Organic cranberries have a very high vitamin C content. The extract is also rich in antioxidants, that wrap around the hair as a protective shield and lock in the colour.

Organic avocado extracts are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, potassium, calcium and vitamin B5. They nourish and nurture coloured hair and protect it from moisture loss.

Bio-Rose & pflanzliches Erbsenprotein

Unser Dream Team für trockenes, strapaziertes Haar


Die Bio-Wildrosenextrakte zusammen mit dem Innovativen pflanzlichen Erbsenprotein in der neuen lavera Repair & Care-Haarpflege spendet Feuchtigkeit, glättet und repariert die Haarstruktur.

Eine echte Innovation in der lavera Haarpflege ist das neuartige pflanzliche Erbsenprotein. Das aus der Erbse gewonnene Protein ist 100%ig vegan. Was ist das Besondere an der Innovation und wie wirkt sie? Bei dem eingesetzten Wirkstoff handelt es sich um einen Wirkstoffkomplex aus Erbsen Peptid und Erbsen Extrakt und ermöglicht die ideale Feuchtigkeitsversorgung des Haares. Die Haare werden geschmeidig, die Kämmbarkeit im nassen und trockenen Haar wird verbessert und auch die Frisierbarkeit erleichtert. Die Wirkformel ist so konzipiert, dass sich Moleküle an die die Oberflächenschäden der Haare andocken, diese verschließen und ein geschmeidiges Haargefühl hinterlässt. Und das ganz ohne Silikone! Die Blüte der Wildrose besitzt mehr als 400 Inhaltsstoffe, von denen insbesondere die ätherischen Öle, die Lipide, Harze und Wachse genutzt werden. Die Bio-Wildrosenextrakte wirken feuchtigkeitsspendend, glättend und reparierend auf die Haarstruktur. Auf die Kopfhaut hat die Bio-Wildrose eine tonisierende hautberuhigende Wirkung. Die Haare werden geschmeidig, die Kämmbarkeit im nassen und trockenen Haar wird verbessert und die Frisierbarkeit wird erleichtert.


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