The skin is the largest and most sensitive organ in the human body. Every type of skin has different needs and characteristics. Normal skin, (very) dry skin or mature skin: They all have their own requirements when it comes to care. The broad range of lavera body care products includes wonderfully lightweight body lotions as well as rich body creams with lipid-replenishing properties that give your skin an extra dose of care. And we all have different needs in terms of body cleansers, as well: some people are looking for refreshing, healing fragrances that pamper their senses, while others enjoy nourishing shower creams.

No matter your preferences: dive into the world of lavera body care and discover the diversity of our product range! 



Healthy, normal skin is in a state of equilibrium. Redness, blemishes and dry patches rarely occur. But even normal skin needs the right care in order to maintain its natural balance. When it comes to body care for normal skin, the focus is on maintaining the skin's natural moisture content.

What are the characteristics of normal skin?

  • Fine pores and a smooth complexion
  • Generally tolerates cosmetics well; not prone to redness or spots
  • Balanced sebum production; the natural equilibrium of lipids and moisture is intact
  • Heat, cold and sun do not cause problems, and normal skin does not dry out in winter
  • Feels soft and smooth to the touch

Refreshing body lotion with organic citrus & organic verbena is brisk and revitalising to your skin and senses and provides long-lasting moisture. For a regenerated complexion, try the invigorating body lotion with organic orange & organic sea buckthorn. This lightweight emulsion is quickly absorbed by the skin and has a smoothing effect. Limu moui seaweed is rich in vitamins and minerals, and in combination with an organic mineral complex consisting of algae, bamboo & horsetail plant, it delivers gentle, refreshing skin care. 


Dry skin requires lots of extra protection and care. The skin's natural protective barrier, which consists of equal parts lipids and water, is no longer intact in dry skin. An imbalance occurs, leading to a lack of oil and moisture. Consequently, skincare products for dry skin should help to bolster the skin's own protective barrier and balance out the lack of lipids and moisture.

lavera skincare products for dry skin use protective skin oils with a melting point close to the skin's own temperature. This allows the skin to absorb the nourishing fats rich in essential fatty acids, leaving a soft protective film on the skin. These moisturising nutrients smooth your irritated skin and help it regenerate. Vital organic oils extracted from olives, shea butter, macadamia nuts and almonds provide intensive moisture for your skin.

Characteristics of dry skin:

  • The skin is very thin
  • Feeling of tightness or prickling in the complexion
  • The skin produces too few lipids/too little moisture
  • The skin is red and sensitive to external factors
  • The skin lacks elasticity


With its Neutral product line, lavera Naturkosmetik provides everyday care for dry, allergy- and eczema-prone skin. These products are consciously free from fragrances, dyes and preservatives in order to avoid further skin irritation and any potential interactions with other products in use. The objective is to prevent the skin from drying out further, to provide it with intensive nourishment and to actively support its regeneration process. 

Characteristics & causes of very dry skin:

The sebaceous glands of very dry skin only function at limited capacity. As a result, the skin's natural protective barrier is no longer intact; the skin loses moisture and is more susceptible to external influences. It feels tight, raw, and can even tear. The following factors can lead to dry skin: genetic predisposition, advancing age, being underweight, air from heating systems, air conditioning systems, humidity.

Allergic or eczema-prone skin is considered a skin dysfunction. Your skin is very dry, produces too little oil and moisture, and is by nature extremely sensitive and vulnerable. Symptoms such as dry, itchy skin, rashes, or hives can be caused by food sensitivities, dust mites or animal hair.

Your body's immune reaction may be accompanied by itching, inflammation or blistering. And once you start scratching, your skin just becomes more irritated; bacteria and other microbes don't help the situation, either. Your skin starts to flake, and you develop open wounds that weep and ooze – an eczema flare-up takes a long time to subside. 

Discover lavera Neutral Body & Facial Care

These nourishing creams and lotions and the skincare formula specially developed for the Neutral product line by lavera bolster the skin's natural protective barrier (hydrolipid film) using organic oils from olives, evening primrose, organic shea butter or shorea butter. All of these compounds are rich in essential fatty acids, making them easy for the skin to absorb. Organic jojoba oil, herbal glycerin, triglycerides and organic beeswax provide moisture, while vitamin E and vitamin C add an extra layer of protection for your skin. Depending on the product, ingredients to soothe the skin may include extracts of organic sea buckthorn or liquorice root. 

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