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Characteristics of dry skin:

  • The skin is very thin
  • Feeling of tightness or prickling in the complexion
  • The skin produces too few lipids/too little moisture
  • The skin is red and sensitive to external factors
  • The skin lacks elasticity


Dry skin requires lots of extra protection and care. The skin's natural protective barrier, which consists of equal parts lipids and water, is no longer intact in dry skin. An imbalance occurs, leading to a lack of oil and moisture. Consequently, skincare products for dry skin should help to bolster the skin's own protective barrier and balance out the lack of lipids and moisture.

lavera skincare products for dry skin use protective skin oils with a melting point close to the skin's own temperature. This allows the skin to absorb the nourishing fats rich in essential fatty acids, leaving a soft protective film on the skin. These moisturising nutrients smooth your irritated skin and help it regenerate. Vital organic oils extracted from olives, shea butter, macadamia nuts and almonds provide intensive moisture for your skin.


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*Animal testing on natural personal care and colour cosmetics has been banned in the EU since March 2013.
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