An Interview with Dr Henrike Neuhoff

We asked our expert Dr Henrike Neuhoff, CSO, head of Research and Development, Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs at lavera: 

What can we do to best protect our skin against daily environmental influences?

Dr Neuhoff: We have developed a highly effective anti-pollution complex of active ingredients which protects the skin against the influence of environmental free radicals and prevents premature skin ageing. The complex consists of Fucus serratus extract, better known as algae or “brown serrated wrack”, highly effective anti-oxidants and Marrubium vulgare extract, derived from the natural plant stem cells of white horehound. The application of our Hydro Effect Serum, containing this complex of active ingredients, as part of a daily care routine each morning protects the skin of the face.

What is special about the action of the algae or brown serrated wrack in the serum?

Dr Neuhoff: Algae are the beauty power-ingredient of the sea. It is not just rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals; it also possesses skin-protective and anti-inflammatory properties due to the synergistic anti-oxidant components Vitamin E, tocopherol acetate and Vitamin C.

The serum also works as a natural protective shield for the skin?

Dr Neuhoff: Along with its anti-pollution complex, the Hydro Effect Serum also contains a cocktail of moisturisers – natural hyaluronic acid, glycerin and sodium PCA all have a strong moisturising effect and promote skin elasticity. Organic saccharides form a film over the outer layer of skin and thus aid the skin’s barrier function. The resultant effect of the ingredients included in the serum: protection & moisture all day long! It is much more difficult to balance damaged skin retroactively than it is to protect the skin in advance. So, when cleansing, pay attention to the right care and the right protection!

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