Better skin care:

A more radiant look

A more radiant look

The new lavera colour cosmetics combine both makeup and skin care!

Your skin needs the right care to stay healthy and radiant. That's why our face products now also contain active Q10 complex. Give yourself a healthy glow, and nourish your skin while you're at it.

Beautiful Lips Brilliant Care with Q10

Our Beautiful Lips Brilliant Care with Q10 are the perfect choice for sensual lips with a soft finish and sensational color. The active Q10 complex gives your lips the care they need, and the four colors make for a huge variety of looks you can create.

Eyebrow Styling Gel

Amazing brows in just two easy steps! Comb, set, slay—it's that easy with lavera Eyebrow Styling Gel! For a natural look, get your eyebrow hairs into shape with the comb and set them with the gel.


Natural Matt'n Stay Lips

The practical lip pen with its modern matte effect is the perfect tool to create a precise, intense lip look. Its mineral pigments make for a long-lasting color, combining a smooth matte finish and nourishing care.


Tinted Moisturising Cream 3in1 with Q10

A radiant complexion in every single way: The active Q10 complex in our Tinted Moisturising Cream is the ideal complement to natural pigments! Give your skin more elasticity and protect it from dryness while you wear the product.

Soft Liquid Foundation

Get the no-makeup makeup look with our new foundation's silky soft texture, containing a green anti-pollution complex! Maintain your skin's freshness by protecting it from negative environmental influences, and emphasize your natural beauty with our mineral pigments.

Illuminating Effect Fluid

Our cream fluid with a strobing effect! For a natural glow, mix a few drops of Illuminating Effect Fluid into your foundation, or use it as a base on your skin. Set highlights by dabbing a small amount of the fluid on the high points of your cheek and brow bones. This will create a sun-kissed glow!

The new lavera colour cosmetics

lavera colour cosmetics Tutorials

Coral Lips & Face Glow

Create captivating lip looks in coral shades or give your face a fresh glow with our new lavera colour cosmetics products. We've made some detailed tutorials for our looks that also list each product for easy access.

Gradient Lips & Draping

Our products can be used for bold, statement looks as well! Create flawless gradient lips or a bold draping look for special occasions with our breathtaking statement blush. Our Natural Matt'n Stay Lips and our new face products give you the freedom to create any look you could dream of.

Better skin Care

Before doing your makeup...

Cleansing your skin properly is an essential step before and after you do your makeup. This removes dead skin cells as well as excess oils and bacteria.

Replenish your skin's moisture content afterwards to keep it soft and fresh. This will also allow you to blend your makeup into your skin more easily and create a radiant look.

If you want to nourish your skin while you're wearing your makeup, use our Tinted Moisturising Cream 3in1 with Q10: It provides long-term moisture with its shea butter and coconut oil, more elasticity with its Q10 complex, and a radiant, natural finish with its mineral pigments.

... make sure your skin is healthy!

You should always use great care when removing your makeup. The nourishing ingredients in our Eye Make-up Remover ensure soft but thorough removal of your eye makeup.

Our trick for removing foundation, lipstick, etc.: Use a cotton microfiber cloth. Use circular motions to gently rub the moistened cloth on your face. Repeat this until you can't see any more makeup traces on your cloth.

Before finishing your skin care routine, apply a rich cream to sink into your skin over night. Our Basis Sensitiv Anti-Ageing Night Cream with Q10 soothes and nourishes your skin while you sleep, leaving it silky smooth when you wake up.

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