lavera products made in Germany also prove their worth on the international stage. For more than 27 years, we have internationally distributed certified natural cosmetics in different language versions while maintaining the same formulations and high quality standard. Each product is individually developed, produced, filled and shipped to some 40 countries worldwide.


We will be even more resolute and consistent about sustainability and its environmental impact - even at the international level. At the same time, we point out alternatives that should be promoted. Microplastics overstrain our wastewater treatment plants and yet hardly anyone is aware of this.

By establishing natural cosmetics internationally, we can raise awareness on a small scale

Our international goals

We see ourselves as a company that actively shapes the market with the lavera brand. Our goals since our founding have been democratisation, differentiation and internationalisation. 


Our daily business is all about actively shaping the market. We set out to make lasting changes to the world of personal and beauty care, and to make certified natural cosmetics an integral part of our assortment, both in Germany and throughout the world. 


We actively shape the market by developing product innovations without compromising our quality standards, which can be seen in the lavera quality guarantee. The lavera sensitive care formulas are 100% naturally effective thanks to 100% natural ingredients.


When we conquer new international markets for natural personal care and establish natural cosmetics, we are making our contribution to humanity, nature and the environment. lavera personal care embodies a sustainable self-image, which we actively communicate to the general public with our product world and media work. Thus, on a small scale, we are raising awareness and drawing attention to the environment. With our natural care formulas, we are demonstrating that things can be done differently. The international distribution and listing of natural personal care products allows customers to each take responsibility for the future by their own consumer behaviour. 

  • Poland
    EKOMEA sp.z o.o.
    ul. Kukiełki 3a
    02-207 Warszawa
    Telefon: +48 (0)22 632 27 01

    Jagoda Kowalczyk, Andrzej Jabłoński

  • Lithuana
    JSC Damodara
    Fabriko Str. 11B
    25121 Lentvaris
    Telefon: +370 5 282 0337
  • Hungary
    Helios Bio-ker Bt
    Nánási ùt 22
    1031 Budapest
  • Hong Kong
    Nelion Ltd.
    Room B, 17/F, Dotcom House 128
    Wellington Street – Central
    Telefon: 00852 2854 0783
    Telefax: 00852 3011-5780
  • Czech Republic
    Nature's Care
    Hlavní 15
    768 04 Strilky, district Kromeriz
    Telefon: 00420 604 993 717
    Telefax: 00420 573 375 942
  • Australia
    Bio Living
    76-78 Capital Link Dve
    VIC 3061 Melbourne
    Telefon: 1300 246 548
    Telefax: +61 3 9357 7162
  • Russia
    1-Street Jasmkogo Polja
    125124 Moskau
  • Japan
    Alles Beauty Co., Ltd.
    Akasaka 8-12-12
    Minato-ku Tokyo
    Telefon: +81-3-6268-8058
    Telefax: +81-3-3597-6159
  • Finland
    Nordic Health Systems Oy
    Hämeenkatu 66
    05820 Hyvinkää
    Telefon: +358 (0)19 432 902
  • Scotland
    Pravera Ltd
    Conchieton Business Centre Kirkcudbright
    Dumfries & Galloway
    Telefon: 0044 (0)1557 870 203
    Telefax: 0044 (0)1557 870 403
  • Switzerland
    Bio Partner Schweiz AG
    Staufferstrasse 2
    CH-5703 Seon
    Telefon: +41 62 769 00 00
    Telefax: +41 62 769 00 01
  • Greece
    Beauty Life
    Industrial Area Serres
    62100 Serres
    Telefon: +30-232 1055 007
  • Italy
    Via Zante 14
    I-20138 Milano
    Telefon: +39.02.5801.2184
    Telefax: +39.02.5801.2184
  • Mexico
    Miguel de Cerventes Saavedra No. 301/Piso 14
    D.F. C.P. 11520
    Telefon: +52 55 1555 6685
  • Italy
    EcorNaturaSi S.P.A.
    Via L. De Besi 20/C
    37139 Verona
    Telefon: +39 045 8918611
  • Spain
    Naturcosmetika Ecologica S.L.
    Colom 451, nave 38
    08223 Terrassa
    Telefon: +34/937848586
  • Japan
    Alias Co., Ltd.
    Akasaka 8-12-12
    Minato-ku Tokyo
    Telefon: +81 3 6402 1414
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