Natürliche Blüten


We set the highest quality standards for our natural ingredients, packagings, product worlds and production processes, marked by a profound sense of responsibility.

With the founding of the brand lavera in 1987, we set principles that have shaped the actions and activities of the lavera brand world and management for almost 30 years: 

  • We follow our sustainable standards consistently and without compromise; standards that are reflected in the lavera product world and the sensitive care formulas. 
  • The care formulas developed in-house fulfil the beauty wishes of young and old alike.
  • Everyone should find their own special lavera cosmetics for themselves. 
  • At the heart of each and every care formula is its natural ingredients. 

Generations have already enjoyed the luxury of lavera Naturkosmetik.

lavera beauty care: lavera. natural. effective. beautiful.

The name of the brand - lavera Naturkosmetik - already reveals what the product world has to offer: 100% certified natural cosmetics according to NATRUE can be seen on the label on the packaging. Additionally, 95% of our products are registered as vegan. The customer can recognise the quality of the ingredients from the organic label, which provides information on the organic plant ingredients, organic fluids and organic complexes produced in-house.  

Our quality guarantee

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