lavera supports climate protection

Packaging of the new lavera Hydro Effect Serum is produced in a climate-neutral manner

The Hydro Effect Serum with its innovative formula represents lasting effectiveness and innovative beauty care. Even with the packaging, we are conscious of sustainability. One of our long-term goals is to cut down on packaging materials and so make an active contribution to active energy and climate-conservation programs. Therefore the new lavera Hydro Effect Serum comes in a folding, climate-neutral production box.

CO2 is generated during production of the packaging. However, lavera offsets this pollution by supporting one of environmental organisation Climate Partner’s sustainable projects.

Further savings

lavera pays conscious attention to its choice of packaging materials and works to ensure that production is made easier and more sustainable through reduced paper use and the use of cold foil instead of hot foil.

lavera Hydro Effect Serum mit Climate Partner ID

In 2017 we supported the following climate project: Water Treatment in Kenya

The Climate Partner project "Water Treatment", supported by us, is dedicated to making clean drinking water accessible to households in rural parts of Kenya by means of water filters. Traditionally, water in Kenya is boiled over wood fires. These filters require no electricity or operating materials. The project is improving water treatment, improving access to clean drinking water and reducing firewood consumption, which leads to considerable reductions in CO2 emissions. Contaminated water contributes to increased health risks. According to the World Health Organization, dysentery is the third most common cause of death amongst children and adults in Kenya. This project improves public health by guaranteeing access to clean drinking water.

Further positive effects of the climate protection project

  • Reduction of sickness and mortality rates in children and adults, increasing productivity
  • Reduction of deforestation by decreasing demand for firewood
  • Employment for many thousands of Kenyans during distribution, and hundreds of jobs in annual inspection, education and maintenance
  • Improvement in indoor air quality
  • Minimising school absenteeism
lavera Climate Partner Klimaschutzprojekt Kenia Frau mit Wassertank
lavera Climate Partner Klimaschutzprojekt Kenia Jungen mit Wassertank
lavera Climate Partner Klimaschutzprojekt Kenia Menschen unter Baum
lavera Climate Partner Klimaschutzprojekt Kenia Junge vor Tafel
lavera Climate Partner Klimaschutzprojekt Kenia Frau mit Wassereimern in Huette
lavera Climate Partner Klimaschutzprojekt Kenia Familie in Huette mit Wasserversorgung

lavera Hydro Effect Serum

No life is possible without water. Likewise, moisture is an important ingredient in facial care.

Our Hydro Effect Serum with its highly effective anti-pollution complex, consisting of natural anti-oxidants and organic algae, protects the skin from negative environmental influences. A cocktail of natural, intensively moisturising substances (natural hyaluronic acid, glycerin, sodium PCA, sodium lactate and organic saccharides) actively builds up the skin’s moisture deposits.

Organic Algae
Algae possess skin-protective and anti-inflammatory properties, and in cosmetics work as a “skin-protecting agent”. Algal proteins infuse skin cells with energy and protect them from drying out. Vitamins activate the skin, protecting it from environmental influences, combating free radicals and functioning as a natural anti-ageing complex. The fucus serratus extract (brown serrated wrack) grows on the rocky cliffs of the European coastline and is harvested from the wild by hand.

Natural Hyaluronic Acid
Due to its ability to bind water, hyaluronic acid is a vital component of this moisturising recipe. It pads out the skin from within. Precious moisture deposits are filled, thus providing for increased connective tissue tautness, greater elasticity and reduced wrinkle depth.

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