Natürliche Blüten


The lavera brand stands for certified natural cosmetics that meet even the highest demands of our customers. This is demonstrated by our seals of quality, all of which attest to the high quality of our natural cosmetics.

  • 100% certified natural cosmetics with high-quality organic plant ingredients
  • 100% free of silicone, paraffin, phthalate, plastic microbeads and mineral oil
  • 100% free of parabens and genetically modified ingredients (GMO)
  • 100% free of synthetic fragrances, colourants and preservatives

       Skin compatibility of all lavera products
               dermatologically approved

             lavera is against animal testing

             Made an produced in Germany


lavera shows you the beauty of cosmetics made from natural ingredients. The portfolio of 280 products provides life-long beauty care from head to toe without any side effects. This simplicity creates certainty and trust with the customer.

lavera stands for real revolutions in the field of natural cosmetics. Each product must meet our most important demands in all areas of development: To be ahead! We always go one step ahead and do everything possible within the scope of natural cosmetics to combine the best nature has to offer in each of our beauty care products.


The lavera quality guarantee has been sustainable from the start and long before there were definitions for certified natural cosmetics. Chemical ingredients have always been taboo at lavera. We only use 100% natural, NATRUE-certified ingredients in the research, development and production of our products.

Natural resources from controlled organic cultivation and certified wild harvesting are always our first choice in the extremely careful production of lavera products. We completely avoid artificial pigments and preservatives, as well as genetically modified material, and animal testing since the company was established in the year 1987. And even the fragrances, created by lavera's perfumers, are 100% natural. They know exactly how to combine the pure formulations and the individual scents of the natural ingredients with the natural fragrances.


Offering real natural cosmetics that are proven to be effective is one of lavera's tenets. Extensive know-how, long-term experience and innovation allow us to produce highly complex ingredient combination that make completely new qualities of care possible. No side effects. Efficacy tests are carried out by our scientific department and are verified by independent external testing institutes. For each of our products, optimum compatibility through the use of organic ingredients is at the centre of our work. The individual ingredients complement each other to increase their effect and create new quality standards in terms of naturalness, compatibility and effect.

To meet the highest demands we place on ourselves, founder and Managing director Thomas Haase demands endless patience: “For example, I invested five years of development time into our first mascara, until I was satisfied with the effect in 1997. lavera's formulations combine the best classic natural ingredients with organic fluids we've developed over the course decades.”

lavera against animal testing


As a manufacturer of certified natural cosmetics, lavera Naturkosmetik has always been against animal testing since the company and the brand were established in the year 1987. At that time, animal welfare in the manufacturing of cosmetic products was hardly established at all. Since March 2013, however, a ban on animal testing for cosmetic products has gone into effect in the EU.

lavera neither tests its finished products or resources on animals, nor does it commission others to do so. We ensure compatibility and effectiveness only with the help of human volunteers.

We also do not use any resources from dead vertebrates (e.g., spermaceti, turtle oil, mink oil, marmot fat, animal fats, animal collagen and fresh cells) in any of our products. Nearly all of our products (around 95%) are vegan. Our clear goal is to continue advancing our innovation power with formulation optimisations, replacing animal ingredients wherever possible with exclusively 100% natural, NATRUE-certified ingredients.

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