Coral Flash Look

Model Marie Nasemann im Coral Flash Look

You can "sea" more than just coral!

A striking coral red with orange nuances and a golden undertone – we love the new Pantone colour! The best part: The refreshingly warm trend tone is absolutely suitable for everyday use, enhancing virtually any skin tone.

As a Coral All Over Look, the intensive colour truly stands out: Eyes, cheeks and lips are highlighted in a naturally beautiful way. This look is guaranteed to be an eye-catcher! Practical multi-talent: With the Natural Matt’n Stay Lips in Matt’n Peach 02, you can conjure a trendy look like magic!

Complexion - less is more

Model Marie Nasemann im Coral Flash Look

Similar to the No Make-up Look, the complexion is very discreetly accentuated. In order for the Natural Matt’N Stay Lips to properly shine, in this look, smaller blemishes or splotches are covered up using the Natural Concealer Q10.

Blend! Blend! Blend!

Simply apply the concealer to the desired areas and blend them with your ring finger. In doing so, take your time, and fan out the product gently with your finger, also around desired areas, in order to prevent visible edges.

In this look, your cheeks are also covered in a stunningly warm coral tone. Apply the Natural Matt’N Stay Lips in Peach 02 to your cheeks and blend the colour with your fingers. For a natural finish, apply as thoroughly as the Concealer.

Eyes - A product for all occasions

Model Marie Nasemann im Coral Flash Look trägt die Natural Matt'n Stay Lips als Lidschatten auf

You can complete an entire look with just one product! The Natural Matt’N Stay Lips is multifunctional, and in this look, it can also be used as a substitute for eyeshadow. Perfect for minimalists who don't want to sacrifice style.

Apply the Natural Matt’N Stay Lips lipstick in Peach 02 to your eyelids and blend the colour tone with your fingers on the movable eyelid. Here, the rule applies as well: Blend! Blend! Blend! You should take special care in working on the transitions to ensure that the look gains a natural finish.

Lips - Trend colour 2019 Coral

Model Marie Nasemann im Coral Flash Look

Here, the lipstick pencil finds its designated use, painting the entire lips in Peach 02 colour. The Beautiful Lips Colour Intense is used to create an even more intensive colour experience and velvety-soft finish. Apply the second layer in Coral Flamingo 37 colour and experience a coral flash in the mirror!

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