lavera colour cosmetics – FACE GLOW

Glow Girl: Highlighters, illuminators and strobe creams remain an essential part of our makeup collection in 2018. Getting the glow just right is an absolute must this year! This shimmering glow goes well with soft rosé shades, making for a natural, fresh and glowing look.




Our Tinted Moisturizing Cream 3in1 Q10 is the perfect base for this fresh look— the light-reflecting pigments allow for the best possible healthy glow without concealing your skin’s natural freshness. Use your fingers to apply the fluid to your forehead, cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, and chin, and distribute it evenly.

Our Natural Concealer is perfect for counteracting dark circles under the eyes, while the integrated active Q10 complex also combats signs of aging.

The So Fresh Mineral Rouge Powder in the shade Plum Blossom 02 will have your cheeks looking fresh and alive, while the Illuminating Effect Fluid in the shade Sheer Silver 01 is a real glow pro on your cheekbones and the bridge of your nose. Simply dab softly onto these areas using your fingers and blend.


This look has your eyes framed by soft rosé tones. Start by applying the Beautiful Mineral Eyeshadow in the shade Matt’n Yogurt 35 to the inner corner of the eyes. Next, use the shade Matt’n Mauve 34 up to the crease on your upper lid, and under your lower lash line. Lightly highlight your brow bone using the shimmery Shiny Blossom 40 eye shadow.

Really open up your eyes by applying the Butterfly Effect Mascara in Beautiful Black to your lashes. The applicator’s round tip ensures that even the tiniest lashes are evenly coated, quickly and precisely.

Your eyebrows won’t be missing out on any of the glow, either. Use the transparent Eyebrow Styling Gel to brush the hairs upwards and set them.




The Glossy Lips Lipgloss in the shade Rosy Sorbet 08 gives this look an irresistible shine. This soft formula with organic rose, mallow, and linden flower butter provides smoothing care to your lips, and creates a beautiful shiny effect with an elegant finish.


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