lavera colour cosmetics – GRAPHIC EYELINER

Subtle lines are a thing of the past — all signs point to bold eye looks for 2018, with thick lines, dots, and unexpected angles turning them into true pieces of art. Graphic eyeliners are here to stay!


An even skin tone is the foundation for this look. To achieve this, apply our 2in1 Compact Foundation using its accompanying sponge. Blend the transitions well to avoid unflattering makeup lines.

Set charming highlights using the Soft Glowing Highlighter in the shade Shining Pearl 02. Use your fingers to dab the product onto your cheekbones, brow bones and cupid’s bow.


Use the second-lightest color of the Beautiful Mineral Eyeshadow Palette, for example Smoky Grey 01, on your entire lid.

Create your graphic eyeliner on the upper lash line with our Soft Eyeliner in the shade Black 01. It’s best to start your line towards the inner corner of your eye and draw it across your upper lash line, creating a wing shape towards the outer end of your eyebrow. The line should cover two thirds of your lid and end right before the tail of your eyebrow. Next, create the upper line. Start in the inner corner again and draw your line slightly above the first one to create the outline of a thick line. Connect it to your first line at the outer corner. Now fill in the space between the two lines.

Set it by applying the darkest shade in the Beautiful Mineral Eyeshadow Palette onto the entire line. Then apply the Beautiful Mineral Eyeshadow in the shade Matt’n Biscuit 31 along your lower lash line. Finally, apply a generous coat of our Powerful Lashes Mascara in Black to your upper lashes.

Brush your eyebrows upwards with our Eyebrow Styling Gel, for example in the shade Hazel Blonde, to set them.


Since the focus here is on the bold eyes, the lips in this look are better suited to a subtle nude, for example the Beautiful Lips Colour Intense in the shade Tender Taupe 30. Apply the color to your lips and finish with a dab of lip gloss for extra shine. The Glossy Lips in the shade Rosy Sorbet 08 is perfect for this.


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