Natural Pastels

Model Marie Nasemann im Natural Pastel Look

Rosé, Millennial Pink or Light Pink–the romantic pastel tone is known by many names.

One thing is for sure: Pink blush tones are absolutely in trend, and are among this year's major highlights for cheeks, eyes and lips. lavera testimonials Marie Nasemann and Marie von den Benken show how successful the trend look can be.

Complexion - Blush! Blush! Blush!

Model Marie Nasemann im Natural Pastel Look trägt Rouge auf

In this trend look, the cheeks are especially brightly highlighted. Here, the rule applies: More is more! Simply apply pick up the dark rouge tone from the Mineral Blush Selection in Rosy Spring 01 with a large brush, generously apply it to the cheeks and blend lightly. Apply the highlighter tone on the highest point of the cheek, and now you've got natural rosy red cheeks.

Eyes - Good Lookin'

Model Marie Nasemann im Natural Pastel Look trägt Lidschatten auf

Matching to rosy cheeks, the eyelids are made up in soft blush tones. Especially practical: For this look, the favourite rouge proves to be a veritable multi-talent. As a base, apply the lightest eye shadow from the Mineral Eyeshadow Selection palette in Blooming Nude 01 in the inner corner, followed by the second-brightest brown tone on the movable eyelid. The romantic eyelash look is a complete success with Rouge from the Blush palette. In addition, blend brown eye shadow with a mix of the two blush tones and fan out slightly.

Lips - Kiss Me Pink!

Model Marie Nasemann im Natural Pastel Look Nahaufnahme des Gesichts

What would the romantic look be without perfect lips for kissing? Matched to eyes and cheeks, don't forget to add a delicate rosewood tone to the lips. The three new Natural Lip Colours not only bring out the best in every skin tone, they also keep the lips soft and supple, thanks to an organic blossom butter care formula.
Our lavera testimonials combine a total of two lip colours: In the first step, Rosy Pastel 01 is applied to the entire lip area. Afterwards, apply Pink Pastel 02 to the middle of the upper and lower lip and gently blend.

Bonus Styling Tip

For a romantic look in the first step, add some mousse to your moist hair and blow dry. Afterwards, comb a part in the middle all the way to your neckline and weave a braid on each side. Now cross over the braids and pin firmly in place on your head using hair pins.

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