No Make-up Look

In times of Instagram filters, Facetune and Photoshop, the No Make-up Look is a divinely refreshing look!

Freckles, untamed eyebrows and natural splotches are no longer concealed but stylishly highlighted. Discreet make-up, which does not try to conceal or mask over, but simply accentuates natural beauty. Here, a radiant smile is the only beauty filter you need!

Find out about the three easy steps to the naturally beautiful No Make-up Look and simply shop for all the products according to your personal check list!

Complexion: Discreet Glow

The golden rule: Less is more! A super motto, because fewer products also mean less time and effort – perfect for your everyday routine.

Say "Good-bye" to foundation and powder, "Hello" to spot concealing

Tiny pimples and irregularities are easily concealed in seconds using the Cover & Care Stick. Apply the Cover & Care Stick to the appropriate places in your face, then blend in the transitions with your ring finger.

For a natural shine, pat some Illuminating Effect Fluid onto your cheek bones, eyebrow arch and Cupid's bow using your ring finger. The natural rosy colour of your cheeks is accentuated by So Fresh Mineral Rouge Powder Charming Rose 01. Applied with a large powder brush, it immediately lends vivid freshness!

Eyes: Eyebrows as a point of focus

No more elaborate cut creases and smoky eyes!

With this look, your eyelids are defined with a discreet nude tone such as Beautiful Mineral Eyeshadow Mono in Matt’n Cream 08. Apply the colour lightly onto the movable eyelid, in the eyelid crease and spread it below the cluster of eyelashes with a blender brush or your fingers.

Your eyebrows are shaped using the transparent Eyebrow Styling Gel. To do so, first comb your eyebrows upward using the Styling Gel brush and, afterwards, set with the gel.

For a wide-awake eyelash look, all you need is one layer of mascara. Volume Mascara in brown provides for naturally beautiful eyelashes!

Lips: Care & Shine

Your lips also receive naturally beautiful support: Care and discreet colour in one product are provided by Beautiful Lips Brilliant Care Q10 in Oriental Rose 03. For a more intensive colour result, the product is simply applied several times. As a finish on top, use some lip gloss. Glossy Lips in Charming Crystals 13 provides for transparent gloss with some shimmer – your kissing mouth is ready!

Bonus: Styling-Tip

The matching hairstyles to the No Make-up Look with Marie von den Benken

Minimalist Waves

Minimalist waves and curls are on centre stage in this trend – but you can leave the straightening iron and curling rod in the drawer!

All you need for a natural super mane is simply to massage some mousse in your moist hair and blow dry it a bit. Your hair will have a naturally beautiful texture in no time!

Messy Bun

Those who like things even more practical can bind their hair in a flash into a messy bun. Marie von den Benken shows you how:

    Twist your hair like a cord, pull it into a bun and fasten it with hair pins.

    Baby hair and streaks extending from the knot are all part of the look!

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