Looking for a bit of glamour? Then seductive red lips and a charmingly curved eyelid line are just right for a brilliant entrance on the red carpet! Read on to find out how to create this look successfully.

Step 1:

To shine flawlessly on the red carped, one thing is vital: an even skin tone. Natural Liquid Foundation will provide this for up to 10 hours. Apply foundation with your fingers to your forehead, cheekbones, the bridge of your nose and your chin and spread evenly. Pat some concealer gently under your eyes to counteract eye shadows. A touch of transparent Fine Loose Mineral powder smooths and secures your make-up for extra strength. Finally, apply some So Fresh Mineral rouge powder Cashmere Brown 03 on the upper third of your cheekbones and spread it forwards.

Step 2:

For glamorous eye make-up, apply Beautiful Mineral eyeshadow Golden Copper 25 to the whole movable lid and the lower lashes. For a perfect lid line, draw a line of Liquid Eyeliner Black 01 with an applicator on your lash line from the inner to the outer corners of the eyes. The eyelid line at the outer corner of your eye should be continued to a fine point. Generously embellish your eyelash roots with Endless Definition Mascara and then draw the brush in a zig-zag movement to the tips. 

Lovely eyebrows give your face expression and contour. Using the brush, apply Eyebrow Styling Gels to your eyebrows in the direction of growth. Fill in small gaps with Eyebrow Pencil Brown 01. Finally, brush the fine hairs again in the direction of growth, to blend the colours naturally.

Step 3:

As irresistible as ever: bright red lips. To avoid lipstick that runs and to keep alluring kissable lips for as long as possible, lip liner is essential. Define your lips with Soft lip liner Red 03, faithfully following the lip contour. It is particularly important to emphasize the centre of the lip. To finish up, completely fill in your lips with Beautiful Lips Colour Intense Timeless Red 34, and it’s off to the red carpet!

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