For everyday work or leisure we need strong fingernails all the time. Regular hand-washing, nail-painting and especially the winter cold put extra stress on our sensitive fingertips. With the right care from the lavera Nail Care range and a few simple tips you can keep your nails happy and prevent cracked nail surfaces and split cuticles – for all-round beautiful nails in no time at all. After all, the ideal and poster child of beauty includes not just well-kept hands but also healthy, glossy fingernails. 

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Give your fingernails special attention with lavera Nail Care products. Lavera’s innovative Intense Nail Gel with organic pineapple extract provides stressed cuticles with intensive moisture. Apply the gel to nails and cuticles and then pamper your fingertips with a gentle massage. This helps the gel’s active ingredients get to work. The gel texture penetrates quickly, making it ideal for quick application in between times. As a result you will be able to show off lovely, glossy nails.

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If your fingertips regularly face challenges, lavera Intense Nail Cream provides comprehensive deep care for extra suppleness. Application is quite simple: Apply Intense Nail Cream to the nails and cuticles and briefly massage in. The valuable nourishing ingredients, amongst them organic grape extract and 5 different organic oils including argan oil and evening primrose oil, keep the skin supple and with regular use will prevent cracking or splitting of the nails and cuticles. Now nothing stands in the way of naturally beautiful fingernails! 

Our care tips

Nachaufnahmen: Eine Hand hält eine Nagelpfeile in der Hand und pfeilt die Nägel der anderen Hand

For the right finishing touch: Ceramic or sandpaper nail files will shine your nails much better than conventional coarse metal files. If you trim your nails short with nail scissors or clippers, we recommend filing your nails immediately afterwards to smooth any the rough edges. 

Zwei Hände beim Peeling einreiben, Nahaufnahme

The ideal care preparation for worn nails and cuticles consists of a home-made oil-and-sugar body scrub. Mix together a tablespoon of sugar and half a tablespoon of olive oil, then rub the mixture gently into the fingers. After about a minute wash your hands clean in warm water. You will be able to see the results!

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Pamper your nails from within! Along with external care, healthy nails also require an adequate supply of essential nutrients. Once or twice a day, boil a tablespoon of stinging nettle leaves in a cup of water. Leave the leaves to steep for 5 minutes then dissolve a pellet of silica in the tea. The trace element silicon will strengthen your nails from the inside out. 

Active ingredients
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