„What it takes to be a natural hair star? The beauty secret is a strand away.“

The new lavera hair care: foamy, effective and fragrant

Healthy, shiny hair has always been a symbol of beauty and appeal; it brings out your personal radiance and promotes self-esteem. Beautiful hair is not only a miracle of nature, but also the result of the right hair care. Mild, gentle cleansing and intensive care form the basis of the daily ritual.

Brilliant shine, strong hair or fantastic volume? No problem: lavera offers a care solution perfectly tailored to meet the different hair care needs of every hair type – whether coloured, damaged or fine hair. These hair care products are enriched with a high-protein plant complex specially developed by lavera to strengthen and nurture hair. Your hair will become smooth, shiny and easy to comb.

The specialized products are enhanced with combinations of high-quality organic active ingredients. Out of respect for nature, the products contain mild surfactants that are gentle to both hair and the environment. At the same time, the mild cleansing substances derived from coconut oil and sugar are especially mild to the hair.

The golden rules – dos and dont’s in hair care

ENEMY NUMBER 1: Hair bobble with metal

When it comes to hair bobbles, make sure they are not too thin, because they can otherwise easily break your hair. You should also avoid hair bobbles held together with metal. They rub against your hair, roughen it and can break hair if it is thin or damaged. A good alternative is a spiral band which has no joins and which gently holds your hair in place. Just as bad: Clips with sharp edges. These can easily break your hair. If you cannot avoid using metal clips your hair should be completely dry before you style it.

ENEMY NUMBER 2: Rubbing your hair dry

Hair is ten times more sensitive when it is wet than when it is dry. Do not rub your hair dry, but gently squeeze out the water. This protects the hair structure. Dry and damaged hair in particular suffers if it is handled aggressively when it is wet. An unpleasant side effect: Hair appears dull.

ENEMY NUMBER 3: Pony tail with wet hair

Women with long hair are all too familiar with the problem: Your wet and cold hair is hanging annoyingly down your back and is in the way when you want to moisturise and put on your make up. You often quickly reach for a hair bobble and then your hair is quickly tied together or tied up. Stop! It is better to use a soft cotton make up headband to hold back your hair. Hard hair bobbles (with or without a metal clip) are too aggressive to the wet structure of the hair. When your hair is dry it puffs out to twice its volume – so it can quickly get too tight under the hair bobble and the hair can break. 

ENEMY NUMBER 4: Using the wrong brushing technique for unmanageable hair

Who would have thought? Brushing your hair incorrectly, from the root to the tip, can damage your hair. This applies to hair which is knotted or matted in places. This way you only push the knot further down, making it even harder to brush out. It is better to start at the tips and then to work your way up.

ENEMY NUMBER 5: silicones and aggressive surfactants

Shampoos containing silicones supposedly leave your hair feeling soft and smooth. However, silicones form a type of plastic film, which lies on the surface of the hair and prevents valuable nourishing ingredients from entering. Furthermore, aggressive chemical-based cleansing agents extract moisture from your hair. The consequence: in the long term, your hair dries out! It’s therefore better to opt for a natural alternative. All lavera shampoos are 100% free from silicones and cleanse your hair with mild sugar-based and coconut-based surfactants.

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*Animal testing on natural personal care and colour cosmetics has been banned in the EU since March 2013.
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