Roll up, roll up for our new lavera hair care dream teams! High quality selected and perfectly harmonised heroes of nature naturally care for your hair. Find out about our new ingredient highlights here:

Organic rose & plant pea proteins 

Our dream team for dry, damaged hair

The organic wild rose extracts combine with the innovative plant pea proteins in the new lavera Repair & Care hair care to moisturise the hair and smooth and repair the hair structure.

The new plant pea proteins are a genuine innovation in lavera hair care. The protein derived from peas is 100% vegan. What is special about the innovation and how does it work? It contains a complex of active ingredients made of pea peptide and pea extract, and ensures that hair is perfectly moisturised. It leaves hair smooth and easier to comb when both wet and dry, and also easier to style. The active formula is designed so that molecules dock onto the damaged surface of the hair, and close the outer layer leaving the hair silky smooth. And it does this without using silicones. The wild rose blossom has more than 400 ingredients, the most commonly used of which are essential oils, lipids, resins and waxes. The organic wild rose extracts moisturise, smooth and repair the hair structure. Organic wild rose tones and calms the scalp.

Your hair becomes smooth and easier to comb when both wet and dry, and also easier to style. 

With organic cranberry & organic avocado - Our defense for coloured hair

Full berry power: The organic cranberry extracts in the new Colour Protection & Care products nurture and protect coloured, tinted or highlighted hair. Organic cranberries have a very high vitamin C content. The extract is also rich in antioxidants, that wrap around the hair as a protective shield and lock in the colour. 
Organic avocado extracts are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, potassium, calcium and vitamin B5. They nourish and nurture coloured hair and protect it from moisture loss.

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Organic almond oil and organic macadamia nut oil - Our dream team for very dry hair

The rich organic almond oil contains precious vitamins, minerals, trace elements and a high level of unsaturated fatty acids. The palmitic acid it contains ensures that the hair care ingredients penetrate deep into damaged hair, leaving it soft and smooth.
The king of nuts, our highly treasured organic macadamia nut, seals damaged hair structures and is intensively nourishing for very dry hair. The gentle organic macadamia nut oil contains especially high quality fats, such as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, along with linoleic and linolenic acid and quickly penetrates the hair. 

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Organic mallow & pearl extract

Our shining stars for dull hair

Our organic mallow (hollyhock) extract smoothens the hair structure and leaves hair feeling silky smooth. International star: The hollyhocks are a plant species belong to the mallow family and are spread throughout Eurasia and North Africa. 

Precious pearl extracts in the new lavera Gloss & Bounce products bring hair back to life, leaving it shiny and radiant. And did you know? It is not completely understood how pearls form in nature. The commonly held belief that a grain of sand that entered the shell is what triggers the pearl is nowadays largely dismissed by scientists.

Organic orange & organic green tea - Full vitamin power for fine hair

Organic orange extract moisturises the hair and refreshes the scalp and hair with its antiseptic effect. The extract is considered to be very kind to sensitive skin and smoothens the structure.
Not only a genuine beauty star in a cup: The extracts of organic green tea contain tannins, known as antioxidants such as polyphenols and flavonoids, which scavenge free radicals. They strengthen the hair and roots of the hair and also revive the scalp. 

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Organic almond milk & organic aloe vera and organic avocado - Gentle power for dehydrated hair and sensitive scalp

Our high quality organic almond milk helps the nurturing substances to penetrate the hair more easily and leaves hair soft and beautifully smooth. It replenishes moisture in hair in need of TLC for a healthy glossy shine. 

Organic aloe vera gel is also used in the new Moisture & Care shampoo. It revitalises, boosts moisture in brittle hair, and nourishes a dry, flaky scalp. Organic avocado, on the other hand, takes centre stage in the new Moisture & Care conditioner: Our organic avocado extracts nurture damaged and dry hair, for a healthy, silky and smooth gleam and shine.

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Organic lemon balm & organic mint Our fresh duo for greasy hair

Organic lemon balm is antibacterial and calms the scalp. The ideal refresher for greasy hair. 
The refreshing and cooling organic mint extract balances and tones the skin and scalp. As a team, these two refreshing plants work together to make hair stronger and more resiliant. 

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